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Medin Pediflow interface


Pediflow® nCPAP interfaceMedin

Non-invasive respiratory mask

Pediflow is a mask for non-invasive ventilation for babies aged six to eight months and weighing up to 10 kg. For easy and secure fixation, we have developed a special headgear  which can be easily adapted to the head of the small patient.


Pediflow is a single-use product with a good price-performance ratio and it is suitable for ventilators with 2-tube systems.

Medin Pediflow SetFlexible and comfortable

Pediflow is made of 100% flexible silicone in order to prevent pressure points or damage. For the same reason, the headgear is made in one piece and designed so that it can be optimally adjusted to the patient’s head.


In combination with BubbleCPAP system, Pediflow makes it possible to have a simple and affordable nCPAP therapy solution.