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ZOLL X Serie® AdvancedZOLL

New Prehospital Monitor with advanced features

X Series Advanced builds on and is a further development of the already well-known X Series. New and upgraded features and technologies you only will find in ZOLL defibrillators. The X Series family is a generation monitors that provides new and more options and fewer limitations. X Series is designed for a demanding environment and is extremely hardy to dust, moisture, shock, fall and vibration. Its size and weight provide new opportunities to work ergonomically correct, both inside and outside the ambulance.

Features – Parameters

In addition to advanced defibrillation and pacing functions, all X Series contain comprehensive physiological parameters such as 12 lead ECG (with transmission), SpO2, NIBP, EtCO2, respiratory rate, invasive pressure and temp. 


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  • Real CPR Help® – Real Time Chest Compression feedback. The paramedic receives continuous and real-time feedback, can see the actual depth and frequency on the screen and be corrected if the quality is not according to current guidelines.
  • SeeThru CPR – Filters out compression artifact. The technology filters out compression artifact on the ECG monitor so that rescuers can see the underlying heart rhythm during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), thereby reducing the duration of pauses in compressions
  • Rapid Shock – Fastest Rhythm Analysis in the World. The RapidShock algorithm gives rescuers the unmatched ability to improve CPR. It delivers Shock/No. Shock decisions in as little as 5 seconds
  • ePCR Connection. With an open architecture, a Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to any ePCR vendor desiring to complete an interface, using WiFi or Bluetooth 

New Technology and Features

When ZOLL now launches X Series Advanced, it is to provide additional support to Paramedics in stressful situations. The new technology and the new functions are based on research and will provide improved quality of patient care. 


  • Real BVM Help® – Real-time Ventilation feedback The user will see the target and delivered ventilation volume, the target and delivered ventilation rate A ventilation quality indicator and countdown timer to guide providers to deliver high-quality ventilations
  • TBI Dashboard – the information you need when it matters mostTraumatic brain injury (TBI) patients present a unique set of challenges. Early treatment is critical, as additional secondary injury occurs often after the initial event. TBI Dashboard provides the information rescuers need to effectively manage TBI patients and follow the TBI protocol
  • Remote viewing – live streaming.With Remote View, clinicians can view data from the X Series Advanced from a remote location. This telemedicine solution from ZOLL enables effective decision support to allow EMS providers meet their telehealth needs. 
  • RescueNet CaseReview – software solution for receiving data from ZOLL devices. RescueNet CaseReview gives providers the ability to view data from the X Series Advanced post-case for effective QA/QI. Perfect for both hot and cold debrief. Data available in CaseReview includes ventilation performance with Real BVM Help, CPR performance with Real CPR Help.

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