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medinCNO® nCPAP deviceMedin

Non-invasive respiratory support for preterm and newborn babies

medinCNO is a versatile nCPAP device which is used to provide respiratory support to premature infants and newborns. In combination with Medijet, the compact device is a stand-alone system and meets all requirements for non-invasive nCPAP therapy. 


With five modes (CPAP, ApneaCPAP, NIPPV, SNIPPV, Oscillation), medinCNO offers comprehensive non-invasive support in neonatology and is the only nCPAP device with nHFV.


  • nCPAP with nHFV
  • Synchronized NIPPV mode
  • Apnea monitoring
  • MediTRIG: Integrated trigger without additional sensor
  • Leakage compensation