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Nuflow® nCPAP interfaceMedin

Nasal cannula for high flow oxygen therapy

The medin Nuflow high flow nasal cannula is made out ouf soft and skin compatible silicone which helps to perfectly balance therapy and wearing comfort. Even the smallest cannula size provides flow rates up to 8 LPM and therefore, meet the current knownledge of the application of high flow oxygen therapy in neonatology (Roehr 2016).  


  • High degree of patient comfort
  • Low noise level and system stagnation pressure
  • Individual fixation, gentle to the skin
  • Anatomically adapted shape of the prongs 


Further cannula sizes can be used for babies and infants in combination with a suitable ventilator, for example from Hamilton Medical

Area of application

The medin High Flow nasal cannula are compatible with medinCNO®mini and medin-NC3®.  

Medin Nose size

At least 50% of the nostril remains unobstructed to: 

  • reduce possible overpressure 
  • make exhalation easier 
  • ensure optimum rinsing