Anti-corruption policy


Medidyne is a strong supporter of free and fair competition on open and transparent conditions. We do not accept that the business deals concludes on questionable or illegal basis, either in the case where Medidyne provides goods or services to others, or when others provide goods or services to Medidyne. Nor do we accept any political or regulatory decisions on framework conditions that directly or indirectly affect Medidyne’s business, sought or affected by the use of questionable or illegal methods.


  • Medidyne accepts no corruption in any form.
  • Medidyne is committed to abide by the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. In absence of adequate laws and regulations, we refer to recognized international standards and industry norms.
  • Medidyne does not accept that the company or its employees offer or receive any form of bribery.
  • Medidyne and Medidyne’s employees can only give or receive gifts, meals or other gratuities, which are within a reasonable level and have a specific and legitimate business purpose.
  • Medidyne does not provide direct financial support to political parties or candidates.
  • Medidyne nor provides any donations for purposes with unfair business benefits in mind.
  • Medidyne will not favour friends, family or other close personal relations in recruitment, procurement, aid delivery, consular services or other situations.
  • We will report any evidence or suspicion of breach of our Code of Conduct.


Medidyne has made a code of conduct which also concludes our anti-corruption policy.