Get intelligent and intuitive cough assistance with BiWaze Cough

Medidyne adds a new product and a new supplier to the portfolio of innovative respiratory care solutions: We now distribute the BiWaze Cough System from ABM Respiratory Care across the Nordics.

The BiWaze Cough System mimics a natural cough to help patients with impaired breathing clear the airways of mucus. Medidyne distributes the solution in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Product Specialist Sofie Hoff Wästefors says about the new product: “BiWaze Cough has an intelligent design and customizable therapy options, which enables clinicians to tailor the solution to each patient. By mimicking a natural cough and mobilizing mucus, this innovative device provides much-needed relief and improved quality of life for individuals facing respiratory challenges.”

In addition, BiWaze Cough is a versatile solution that can be used both at home and in the hospital, for your adult and pediatric patients, and has three interfaces to suit the needs and preferences of each patient.

Intuitive, intelligent, hygienic cough assistance

BiWaze Cough is created for people who need airway clearance treatment tailored to their changing respiratory needs. The machine separates the inhale and exhale air flow to help ensure the inhaled air is not contaminated with mucus from the exhaled air. It has simple touch-screen navigation, which makes it easy to use. Each therapy cycle can be personalized to provide the most effective therapy for each patient’s individual respiratory condition.

The BiWaze Cough combines multiple therapies of assisted cough and lung expansion along with high frequency oscillation. It breaks up and then removes mucus from the lungs by applying positive air pressure (inhale) to the airway and then rapidly shifting to negative air pressure (exhale). After exhale, a pause phase allows the user to rest before the next assisted cough cycle. BiWaze Cough can provide positive pressure flow during the pause phase to keep the patient’s airways open and make the treatment more comfortable.

ABM Respiratory Care

As we add BiWaze Cough to the product portfolio we also welcome a new supplier: ABM Respiratory Care. The company works towards advancing healthcare by developing intelligent, clinically differentiated, and innovative respiratory care solutions. The products help people with compromised respiratory systems breathe better both inside and outside the hospital.

Medidyne distributes the BiWaze Cough System from ABM Respiratory Care via an agreement with Porta Medical.

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Business Development Manager


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