Get detailed feedback and shorter time to shock with ZOLL’s AED 3 BLS

Medidyne’s ZOLL product portfolio has gotten a new addition – the AED 3 BLS. The defibrillator for first responders provides detailed feedback on CPR, displays ECG continuously, and minimizes the pause between CPR and defibrillation.

The AED 3 BLS is a defibrillator for the first responders who can expect to be the first people on scene when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs. The defibrillator is the ideal solution for e.g., emergency responders, agencies arriving before the ambulance, firefighters, lifeguards, and security personnel. These are typically users who undergo regular training in CPR, are familiar with using defibrillators and consequently can benefit from display of ECG and detailed feedback.

Deliver shocks faster with AED 3 BLS

The technology in the AED 3 BLS, ZOLL’s RapidShock analysis, enables you to deliver a shock fast after pausing CPR. The shock can be delivered in as little as five seconds, which is a critical feature. Michael Kammer Jensen, Sales Manager in Medidyne, explains:

“Together with quality CPR, the ability to deliver shocks fast is a decisive factor in increasing the patient’s chance of survival: When the pause between CPR and shock is minimized, you spend the maximum amount of time performing CPR.”

Get detailed feedback on CPR and view ECG

With the AED 3 BLS users get detailed CPR feedback, e.g., on compression speed and depth, and are assisted with a CPR countdown and shock counter. Moreover, the AED 3 BLS stands out by continuously showing the patient’s ECG. Thus, the first responder gets all the features needed to provide effective CPR and ensure that the quality of the CPR stays high. The data gathered during the rescue process can easily be exported via WiFi or USB to evaluate and further improve efforts.

Medidyne distributes the ZOLL AED 3 BLS defibrillator across the Nordics – in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

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Area Manager


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