Ventilation Symposium 4.0

11. huhtikuu 2024

Ventilation Symposium is back. April 11, 2024, we gather professionals from across the Nordics for an event centered around the question: “Is it possible to get both individualized lung-protective ventilation AND real-time verification bedside?”

Our popular event for Nordic anesthesiologists and ICU nurses will once again take place at The Blue Planet in Copenhagen. The program includes inspiring talks about lung-protective ventilation, interactive sessions with discussions and cases, and opportunities to network with other colleagues from the Nordic countries.

Participation is free, and seats are given on a first come, first served basis. So sign up sooner rather than later.

Behind the scenes tour

You have the opportunity to join an exclusive guided tour at The Blue Planet after the last talk. It is free to participate in the tour. An experienced guide will walk the group through passages closed to the public, and tell the stories of the aquarium behind the scenes.

Ventilation Symposium 4.0 organizers

Medidyne hosts Ventilation Symposium 4.0 in collaboration with Hamilton Medical and Timpel Medical. Hamilton creates intelligent ventilation solutions that enable healthcare professionals to provide safe, effective, and lung‑protective ventilation. Timpel has developed the innovative ENLIGHT 2100 ventilation monitor: It displays air distribution in the patient’s lungs in real-time. This insight helps caregivers make individualized, targeted and timely adjustments to ventilation settings for an optimal treatment.

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Product Specialist


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